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Terms and Conditions

Participation in and payment through the WikiWiki Solar Referral Rewards Program are subject to the terms and conditions as set out below (the “Referral Terms”), which shall govern every promotion or program whereby a person other than a sales or lead generation employee may be compensated for referring new customers to WikiWiki Solar:

WikiWiki Solar offers a referral program whereby individuals may refer friends and family to WikiWiki Solar and should the referred person (“Referred Customer”) install solar through WikiWiki Solar and meet the requisites of the program, the “Referrer”, as defined below, will be compensated. Each compensated referral within the Referral Rewards Program will be a “Referral.”

Because the Referral Rewards Program requires the exchange and use of personal information all “Referrers”, as defined below, must read and understand the Privacy Policy.

1. All persons making referrals (“Referrer(s)”) must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the Referral Rewards Program:

2. WikiWiki Solar employees who receive commissions or other wages based on the sale of solar systems are not eligible for the Referral Rewards Program.

3. No purchase is necessary to register for the Referral Rewards Program.

4. Referral Rewards payment amounts shall be based on the following project criteria:

5. All referrals must be made through a WikiWiki Solar approved method and must be received prior to the initial sales appointment. These methods include:

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